Opti Coat Pro +

Opti Coat Pro +!! The worlds number one Paint Protection System is here!


Opti Coat Pro + is a Dual layer ceramic clear coat for your paint! It gives your paint stunning gloss, depth, slickness and ultimately, the best protection in the game! 

With a lifetime warranty for all new cars and a 7 year warranty on any cars older then 12 months from its build date, you mind will be at ease and assured that your paint will remain in the best possible condition for years to come!

Some of the major benefits of Opti Coat Pro + are....

-It is a Superior Clear Coat Film. It will provide you, the owner, the best possible protection for years to come. It is the most advanced paint protection on the market with superior scratch resistance, chemical resistance and also reduces the chance of wash marring/swirl marks

-A Permanent Hydrophobic Surface. This means your car will stay cleaner for longer and makes cleaning a breeze.

-No more waxing, polishing or using specialised products to maintain the finish of your vehicle!

-Improved resale value! Whilst utilising Opti Coat Pro +, your paint will stay in better condition for longer! This will also help when it comes to selling your vehicle, ensuring you get the best possible price!

-All scratch and chemical resistance properties researched and tested by the CSIRO!

-Backed by a nationwide list of approved applicators, to make sure you get the best quality job and professionalism to match!


Opti Coat is not only one single product, but represents a whole range of specialised coatings for every corner of your car! Some of the other coatings are...


-Opti Guard Leather / Fabric / Vinyl / Dash & Trim - Series of coatings to protect every interior surface of your vehicle.

-Opti Glass Pro - Opti Glass Pro will increase visibility whilst driving by actively repelling water/rain that comes into contact with any exterior glass surfaces and also reduces chances of stone chipping to the glass.  

-Opti Trim Restore and Protect - Restores colour and protects all exterior rubber and trim with a high content of UV absorbers to help prevent future fading/cracking/oxidisation of trim and to provide a long term solution!


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